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By: McWell | August 24, 2016

Here are 9 inside tricks that will help you stand out from the crowd and get started working quickly with a recruitment agency.

#1   Basic Information on your CV

Ensure that you have an up to date CV. The basic information you need is your address (at least your area location i.e. Ilford, Stratford, Tottenham etc), a working contact mobile number and an email address you check regularly

#2   Up to date information on your CV

This has to be a point all by itself, because you really need to ensure your last / current employer is on there. Ensure your work history flows. Do not be afraid to write in gaps in your work history. Write like you are telling a story. Check out this blog from our new sister website McGenius for more details on CV tips.

#3  Check your messages

Recruitment consultants understand that you may be busy when they ring, so they will make efforts to leave you messages any means they can.  This could be voicemail, text message or email. If you do not check your messages you could miss out on an important opportunity.

#4  Cover Letter

Added a cover letter always helps. Not only does it make you stand out from the crowd for showing that added enthusiasm, it helps the recruiter to get an understanding of why you want the job and what is your current situation. This is especially important when you are applying to a recruitment agency, because most of the time the applicant is already working. So you are helping the recruiter know how they can help you before they even talk to you. Sign up to our McGenius mailing list to get your hands on a Cover Letter template.

#5   Word Document

If you choose to use a third party job site, such as Indeed or Reed. As a recruiter we prefer if you write an up to date CV in a Word document. This is because there is more chance that you will have written out a great CV that is really worth spending that extra time in reading.

#6   Quiet Space

A recruiter can call you at any time during normal working hours, and we understand that you can be at home with the children or out and about with your shopping. However, whatever the circumstance, if you cannot speak freely or privately it is preferred that you be honest with the recruiter and give them a time and date that you know you will be completely free.

#7  Availability

Be honest with what hours you can and cannot do. When we ask you these questions, they are not to trick you. They are so we can organise where the best place is for you to work based on your location and availability. Contact McLovely Group HERE if you would like to register with us.

#8  Application Form

Most recruitment agencies will have their own application form that you will need to fill out in order for you to register with them. This is important because they have to follow strict CQC, NHS and many other organisations to enable them to send you out to work. So ensure that you do this quickly and completely as possible. If ever you get stuck on an area contact you agency. They would rather help you fill it out then not have you respond at all.

#9  Get Prepared

Each agency is different, however most agencies should require you to complete further checks (e.g. DBS). You will need to be prepared for these follow up stages. Some applicants do not follow up with such stages. However, if you really need work persevere and do what is necessary as you will only have to do it once, and in return you will get many years’ worth of work. 

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